Thursday, June 14, 2012

Something for the Toot....

If you happen to be new here, Toot is what we call our grand daughter, Lorelei. Not sure how we got started with it, but it is one of many names we call her.

Anyway, this is just a little simple dress...I got the pattern from this post at another blog. As usual, I did not follow directions exactly. It called for double fold bias binding around the sleeves. I didn't have any so I 'lined' it .....just enough to cover the neck and armholes. I like that better than I would have bias binding anyway.

I should have decorated the front a little bit, but all the time I was making it I was wondering if it will fit her...I think it will after seeing her this weekend. But I had it all made except for making the ties and a couple other little items...I had it the hem turned up and ready to sew down....and I needed to get the piece of elastic in the front and back.

I am so tired--I have stood down in the basement playing with acrylic paints and muslin fabric. I tell you I don't have one ounce of talent with a paint brush. I don't know if I played around enough if I would gain any talent or if it would always be just a gloppy mess. I would really like to play like this often for a while to see if I would ever get more comfortable.

This is early posting for me, but going to post this because I have other things to do, and later on I want to watch Mountain Men on the History Channel. So have a fun evening everyone...when I finally get to set down for the evening I will be around to visit everyone.