Thursday, January 24, 2008

I am so ready for this time of year--I came across this in my files and thought I might as well post it, too. I can't wait till the time of year I can set outside and read, or talk on the phone. I think I miss sitting in my swing more than about anything during the winter months. It was all of 1 degree when I got up this morn and very slowly climbed to all of 10 degrees now. And it is past 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon.
I made this several years ago and just now took probably my first picture of is a small couch quilt. Not quite 5 ft. square. I wish I had used more colorful fabric now, but at least this looks cozy and warm.
This is our younger daughter when she was 12 years old, with a stray dog that just came here. We were just sure he belonged to someone--I posted pictures around town looking for the owner and no one ever called. He could always be found laying up against our front door every morning. About the time I became convinced no one was going to claim him, he disappeared. I drove every street in this town and alleys too, looking for him. We were ready to get him neutered and claim him as our you can see by this picture he dearly loved our daughter. He liked everyone, but only had that look in his eyes when he was looking at her.