Sunday, April 9, 2017

A bit of fabric therapy

First of all some oranges, for an orange quilt sometime in my future.  I keep adding a few.  Years ago, on an quilt forum a lady whose first name was Judy did a quilt and named it Bushels of Orange(s) was all oranges with a bit of black and an accent of blue, on my computer it was sort of a torquoise blue.  I totally loved that quilt and have planned to make one some day.

I did not get this to go with anything specific...just in case I needed it for an alternate quilt block in the ones I am making now.

Then I got some neutrals, since I have been using mine.  One of these days I would like to make another two color quilt...such as the one below.

Do you remember it?  I made it in 2012...and it is kind of reversible...see?
I didn't have enough of any single fabric so I did this using the same fabrics I had used on front.  I think it was about 52 inches square.