Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Looking for inspiration...

I look at this little cabin and wish it were mine...I would love having a little building as my own studio.  But lately I have been wondering if I had one, would I get anything at all done.  I have been spending a lot of time looking for inspiration, but I don't think I will be satisfied till I can get that last crumb quilt layered and quilted. 

We will be in Terre Haute before the week is out, so hoping to find something at Joanne Fabrics to use for a backing.  I am wanting to use flannel...
I am still going to therapy....twice a week.  I do the exercises twice a day, and now I have so many to do it takes about an hour to do them each time...give or take a minute or two.  The one movement that is so slow to come is putting my hand behind my back.  Otherwise I have really, really improved.
Roger had surgery last week to remove a ganglion cyst right at the base of his left hand.  When the doctor got in there he found this Giant Cell cyst/tumor...can't recall now whether he called it a tumor or a cyst.  Anyway, he said they are always benign, but sent it to be checked just to make sure.  Said it was a good thing he found it.