Friday, September 23, 2011


We were out and about today...stopped by the orchard. I was on a mission...hoping to find Jonalicious apples. Roger had never tasted one but had heard me talk of them. He has a new favorite apple now! They are simply wonderful...sweet and tart and the juice just runs! Not supposed to be good for baking, but who cares. They are just a wonderful eating apple. And yes, they are a cross between a Jonathan and a Red Delicious apple. And no, I don't like Red Delicious...even when I worked at the orchard, I could not eat them. If I was test tasting them, I took a bite to see if the sugar was coming in to them, but spit it out, most of the time. And if I wanted an apple to eat, I would get down and go find another variety.


used the term flurry the other day to describe something...and since then I cannot get it out of my mind totally. So, out at the strip pits the other day while I was looking through my camera lens trying to decide what kind of water fowl these were, they took flight and I snapped a photo. It isn't the greatest but I like the feel of action that it gives. And I love the yellow in the background.
These yellow flowers are every place you look...I think they are a type of coreopsis...but please feel free to correct me. I was hoping to find butterflies or dragonflies on my last vist but all that seemed to be stirring were some bee/bee type insects. I saw one dragonfly and that was it.
Anyway, the flowers blow in the wind till it is near impossible to get a really good shot of them. That and the fact that I just cannot seem to capture their full beauty no matter what.
And every time I see them, I think of a song by Coldplay and wonder if these yellow flowers everywhere are God's version of the song Yellow...