Thursday, August 18, 2011

Phone house--I think

We saw several little buildings...different styles...while driving in the Amish country around Shipshewana. I even saw one that was a log cabin, not quite as big square as this one is wide. I felt like there would barely have been room to stand in it.
The toot is asleep right now...she didn't want to go to bed. Her mom ran to meet a friend she hasn't seen in ages. Lorelei did not want to go night-night at I let her stay up a little late. We turned the lights down low and watch Max and Ruby. On there, they were telling the moon good-night.

So, we sat about 20 minutes, then she went and found her Papaw and sat with him a few minutes more. Next we went to tell the moon good-night but there was no moon. However, there were stars, so we told them good-night and she came in and went to bed. I had to stand and rub her back a few minutes which put her right to sleep.
Her mom wanted to go eat Chinese, which is about 12-14 miles drove on to the south end of Terre Haute. Lorelei did not stop jabbering the whole time. Part of the time she carried on a conversation with her Papaw...part of the time she was singing...and part of the time it was just jabbering. She would yell for me and yell for her mom...and we had to answer. She preferred if we answered in a different voice each time. She counted, she said her abc's, she sang....she held us hostage with nothing but her voice.

Last time we were over at her house, we had been to Walmart and came in and set stuff on the counter. I was standing at the end of it, and Sarah was putting things away. Here came Lorelei and patted me on the bottom and said 'Mama's butt!' Then she bent over and wiggled her little bottom and patted it and said 'Lorelei's butt!' then Sarah and I are cracking up, but she stood up and went and patted her mom's bottom and said 'Mommy's butt!' We have no idea how she came up with that and she has not done it again.