Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Still standing...however wobbly

We came across this scene during our one and only rambling drive...it is as far off the road as it appears in the top photo. It struck a cord of lonesomeness in me...wondering about the lives that were lived there. I wondered was it an old bachelor or was it a family. It was probably at least half an hour to the nearest store with today's travel...let alone back then.

I wondered how long they would stay on the place without seeing another soul to talk to. That would be the time when a big family would really be a blessing...imagine being an only child living there.

And with all the hills, hollers and rocks in the general area, I thought what a rough ride it would have been to go any where in a wagon. It would have jarred your teeth loose if you weren't careful. The field right around this house did not seem to have all the rocks sticking out of the ground that so much of the area had...but still they would have had to pass through it to get any where.
I zoomed in for this view...don't you wish you knew its story? And wouldn't you love to prowl around the area to see what you could find?
I went for my first session of physical therapy on my shoulder/arm. It is not going to be rough...just time consuming. And there is no danger of her making the tear in my rotator cuff worse. She really made me feel reassured in that area.

She could tell that I don't deal with stress well...told me I needed to learn better ways to deal with it. I told her I come from a long line of worriers...LOL It is easier said than done. She gave me a couple little exercises to do to help loosen up the muscles in the arm, plus a breathing exercise to help me relax. It really works if I do it right...but the way I am I have/need to do it often.

For now, I am signing off with the intent of laying down...she did say we should be able to have me sleeping better fairly soon. Right now this 2/3:00 a.m to 5:00 and 6:00-6:30 a.m. thing is for the birds. I get up then and feed the cats, then try to prop up on the couch or in the recliner for more sleep...and I do usually sleep some but it is not restful...I wake every little bit.