Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Fall is falling....

 This photo was taken at least a week ago...maybe longer.  I just went and checked...October yeah, it is over a week old.  Can you see the 4 guests that it has.  One of them is a bit hard to distinguish but it is there.  I actually thought there was a 5th but I was wrong.  Anyway, I love goldenrod...

It has rained a bit today.  You would not believe the big old leaves that are on the ground.  Last year, they literally disintegrated while still on the trees from all the dry weather.  That will not be the case this year.  While the only tree we have in our yard is a dogwood, our yard has the most leaves of any place around. 

We went to our daughters' houses yesterday....there were so many beautiful trees along the way.  I so  miss being able to ride shotgun and take photos along the way.  Normally I can still sort of do that with my point and shoot because there will be spells of no traffic.  Not so yesterday.  I was behind someone all the way there and back yesterday, or if not behind someone, leading the way for others.  But mostly, behind people. 


I wish I had the energy to start my other blog again but I am beginning to wonder will I ever get back on track.  Roger is still doing pretty good, but in some areas he lost ground and just does not seem to gain it back.

We are making a big life change, or in the early stages of it.  IF I can live through it.  If we succeed, it will be a while down the road.  Either way, at some point I will tell what it is.

I will leave you with a little video I just found: