Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One more with an update

I meant to post this one of Lorelei the other day...it was taken in September. I love the pleasant, contented look on her face.
Guess what? Computer problems here again. On the old computer. On top of that I have had a bit of a cold and just didn't feel normal.

When I have computer problems, I just obsess about it till I do something, but haven't felt like doing anything. But I have started...the slate is being wiped clean as I speak. It was this Security Tool thing that got on Sunday...if I tried to run my antivirus ware, it would turn the computer off. I tried to go to Microsoft to get something to get rid of it, and it would not let it run, nor would it let some other anti-adware run.

I tried going to the safe mode to delete somethings, and though I only found one thing to delete, soon as I restarted the computer, it was back again.

So, until I get this settled, I won't be doing much of anything other than fooling with it.