Saturday, March 1, 2014

Conversation with Lorelei....and other stuff...

I might as well start off with a Lorelei will make three days in a row with something from her.  Today she was talking to her mom about candy and chocolate.  Lorelei says, "Me and chocolate are related."

Sarah says, "What!?!"

Lorelei says, "Me and chocolate are related cause I like it SOOOOO much!"

This is the new kid on the block...I have been wanting it for soooo long.  I didn't really need it...just wanted it.  I had even made up my mind to get a lesser machine.  I was wanting one to have upstairs.  My other Juki is straight stitch only.  So I wanted to keep the Viking downstairs till I would have the other stitches if I needed them without running up here or taking the machine up and down the stairs.
Anyway, I don't know if  anyone else has realized how distracted I have been.  I am the  most indecisive person ever.  So on one hand felt like I didn't really need this.  But sewing machines are to me what jewelry is to other women, or guns are to a lot of guys or cameras to some.
These are all the stitches it does.
I even took a day and went and tried a different brand of machine, but to get one this nice I would have had to pay a lot more money.

the pressure feet
Even though the machine I was looking at was not that much cheaper, it did not have near the pressure feet that come with this one.

And though my Viking has a buttonhole thing similar to this, it doesn't have the all the buttonhole options.

Anyway, I ordered it Wednesday....from a place in Alabama.  Without ever seeing it in person.  Without ever test-driving it...I was going by the quality of my Juki I posted a question on the Juki 98 group to see if others had this machine and what they thought of it.  The replies I got made me long for one even more.

So now I have it...I have played on it all afternoon.  I think I am going to love it about as much as I love my 98Q.