Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Today's scenes...

As we left town today for a drive, this is one of the first things that caught my eye. I read it's name, but think it left my mind the minute I read it. I haven't a clue to what church this is.And this house below was not too far from the above church...we passed by it so quick I was amazed I got even this shot of it. I do not know if it was a private house, or if it was used for a business.
We were driving up to the tip of Door Peninsula...we explored a couple of side rows, and this is the scene that met my eye as we were approaching Lake Michigan....believe me, this picture does not do it justice.And I just had to add a little more fall color! Right here in Green Bay, the city itself, there doesn't seem to be quite as much color as there was up on this peninsula or as much as in norther Michigan.
The two photos below are on the main road to the tip of the peninsula...taken through the windshield of course. I tried to clean them up a little with Photoshop but could have did a better job if I had been in the comfort of my own home. At least I think I could have.

Take a close look at the silos! There were a lot of them made this way on our drive. I have never seen any like these that I remember.
And here are a couple of barns...I think I could spend a year on the peninsula alone and be lucky if I got all the barns photographed. I have been in Wisconsin before and I remembered liking the barns, but I did not remember there being so many of them. And they are all so unique. I really wish I had at least a month up here to just roam around at my leisure taking photos.I didn't even attempt to take any pictures of the orchards we seen. Just no opportunity for even a half decent shot....I am pretty sure there was one peach orchard, and then there was another orchard that I think had hundreds of young trees that might have been cherries. And we seen some apple trees as well.

That is all for now...I hope I am able to connect to the internet tomorrow night but I have no idea where I will be. We are heading over towards Minnesota tomorrow..we may stop at the Mississippi River though and head south. Not sure. We are both getting weary.

My Cougar kitty got hurt the other night, but it doesn't seem to be serious. Just a small gash near his nose, he was bleeding, but doesn't seem to hurt otherwise. I know it is silly to be so attached to a cat, but I am not sure how I would handle it if anything happened to him.