Tuesday, November 14, 2017

More furbabies...

Click to enlarge....look at that Otti....he is aging so.  It breaks my heart to see it.  That link in the first sentence will take you back through posts showing him.  He could not be a better dog...nothing could be improved.  In my opinion.  He loves his family, loves their friends, so good with kids that you could not ask for more.  Lorelei has climbed on him, laid on him, slept on him....put him in her wagon....he just let her and any of her friends do anything they wanted.

As I have told before, he don't meet a stranger.  He has got on the UPS truck one time...wanted to go for a ride.  Another time, he tried to get on the school bus with all the kids.  And then just this Halloween, he got out the front door, and tried to get in this truck...with complete strangers.  They yelled at the guy to not open his door just in time...I think he did get tickled though cause he saw how bad Otto wanted to go.

Their neighborhood is full of kids at Halloween so the streets are full, and everyone is going slow, so there was no danger. 

Rosie is a pistol...she trembles with joy when any family member comes...she loves so intensely.  She goes from one to the other of us when several of us come in at the same time.  At some point I usually have her in my lap and she lays back with her belly up to be rubbed.