Monday, May 11, 2020

Delta and the move

So, my daughter is officially moved...her other house is sold and the final paper will be signed today.  I have had these pics 2 or 3 days and just not got around to posting them.

The move was really hard on Delta...she knew something was going on and was nervous.  I think she was afraid of being left behind.

However, daughter found a TV show that kept her from being underfoot during the last bit of the was The Last Kingdom.  It has shooting and horses, two of her favorite things.  I sure hope that someday she meets a horse in real life and that I am there to see it.  Of course she would probably bark and run get her ball to try to get it to play, and scare the horse to death.

Here she is at one of her favorite places to lay...she can lay there o the landing and watch both the front and back door.  Notice Charlie on the 4th step on up.  She was a bit upset with the move too, but has settled down.  Daugher heard/felt her bound on the bed the other morn, and start purring real loud.  She sat up to see, and she was up there snuggled against Delta.  They are still the best of friends.

She also likes to go upstairs and watch out the windows from there.  There is nothing dumb about her...she realizes she can see farther from there.

And here she is surveying her new kingdom...she is very happy that a neighbor has a dog.  I forget what kind it is.  But she loves having neighbor dogs.