Monday, February 28, 2011

e-i-e-i-o for Barn Charm

I normally do not join both my blogs to the Barn Charm meme that Tricia hosts, but I am so anxious to show this one that I am making an exception for it. On our drive yesterday, we happened across this barn....the first time we have ever seen it. It immediately made me think of Lorelei...she used to love Old McDonald had a farm..
I would love to know the thoughts of whoever did this...and I would like to tell them I love it!
If you have a barn, won't you link it to Tricia's Barn Charm at Bluff Area Daily? Or if you just love barns, you can go there for links to see more.
I was just sitting here thinking bout all the beautiful country and unique things we have seen in traveling the county roads going at a snail's pace part of the time. I bet there are people that have lived here all their lives and not seen any of it. I have lived here 30+ and am just now seeing it. Any time we go anywhere, we always see roads we wish we could travel down. And if we stayed in the car 40 hours a week, it would be hard to cover all the area.

Most people have jobs they go to every day, and things to do once they get home so they don't have time not energy to ramble around. I know when I worked at the orchard, I had little energy left for anything other than the things that were absolutely necessary. So, I am not being critical...just making an observation.

But if you have the time, take a round-about way going to and from is fun to discover new things and places.

Down a county road....

Just to get out a little bit, we headed north....I was sort of looking for the place in the post day before yesterday with all the big rocks....we didn't find it but we found the road in the first photo above...we have been down part of it before, one time.
I recognized this barn, and have posted a different view of it but cannot supply the link at this time.
We have been through this bridge before, but I did not remember it at all; the other time we were through here it was in the summertime.
This is a view looking back down the valley from the bridge....we want to go back when spring has arrived. It will look totally different.