Tuesday, January 19, 2016


We made a run to Terre Haute, stopped by a fabric shop there which I won't name.  I made a couple fabric purchases.

Fat quarter bundles.  The first time I have ever bought them for myself.  I think I have bought one or two as gifts, but never for myself.  People like them because the fabric choices are made for them.  These two were not laying together, but after I got home, I thought, wow, they almost go together.
Just look at these solids...
Aren't they beautiful?

Now, as to why I am not mentioning the fabric shop by name.  I always check to see if I get the amount of fabric I pay for.  To me, good shops give just a tad bit over the amount...just to make up for if they cut crooked.  Of the ten of these, one solid measured a quarter inch over 18 inches in length, a bout three of them measured the 18 inches by tugging the fabric tight.  And the others all were about 1/8 inch shy of 18 inches.

I won't say anything to them....it is not that much. I was thinking when I had bought a length of fabric they gave a bit extra, so will wait and see how it goes when I buy a length. I just think good fabric shops give at least a thumbs width extra.  It is good policy and makes for good will.  And some of my favorite shops give an inch or two.  Of all the quilt shops I have been to, most are the latter.  As I said, I think before when I have purchased from this shop, that I have gotten a tad bit extra.  So will try to withhold judgement.  I got these at a good price, so shouldn't complain now.

I just have to show the prints individually.
Maybe I should have taken more time with the photos,
but if you click to expand the view, you will get a good feel for the fabric.
This one almost has a Christmas feel to it...almost.
So there you have them...if you are a quilter you will probably enjoy seeing these.  Otherwise you might find this boring.