Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First let me say that the pictures of Lorelei are from Sarah and Jeremy...and sorry about the size of a couple of them....that is how they saved to my computer.  They are from Halloween.

As you can see, she had a good time.

I would love to have seen her....

There were several pics and hard to choose just a couple or three.  The first is probably my favorite...
the one above is a favorite of course...as well as the one below.

This one will at least enlarge if clicked.   She was a monarch butterfly in case you cannot tell.
We got most of the leaves corralled today...there are a few in front but the worst of them are done.  For now.  We will have to do it again because there are still a few on the trees.  I have 5 big bags of leaves to be picked up, plus we put more on the garden spot.  That is not many compared to when we had two big maples to the side of our house.  I can remember raking 28 bags in one evening, and that probably being only 2/3's of them. 

We came in, tired but feeling good to have accomplished something.  Roger took his shower and came in the living room about the time Bubbie wanted in.  He opened the door for him and Puss Puss rushed out.  Before he could sit down, she was up in the chair on the front porch....the one that sits in front of the window looking in as if she wanted back in. 

Well, Roger can really start on things...I wish you guys could have been here.  He is like 'NO!  I'm going to hurt you!"  He looked at me and said,  "I just let her out....did you see that....I just let her out."  He walks back over to let her in, and she just looked at him.  I told him she wants him to come outside...so he walks out there and she jumps down and starts strolling off.

He came back in, and right up in that chair she jumped, looking in at him.  He turns his head away sort of and puts his hand up beside his eyes to block his vision of her and says I am going to have to start watching TV like this...

I am not remembering all he said, but I laughed so hard...he said he was going to write a book titled something like The Things My Cats Will Let Me Do....
I have been sewing a bit the past couple of hours...I will soon be done with the sewing part of this one project....feels so good to accomplish something in that department.

Oh, and I will give a little report on my kindle---I LOVE IT!  I have finished one book on it...have another started.  The one I finished is one I had wanted to read for a  long time...it was a freebie.  It was Ox Team Days on the Oregon Trail.   It was a fair read, but not as good as some others I have read.

I think I can read longer on it without tiring ...but maybe that is the newness of it.  So far, haven't been at all disappointed with it at all.