Friday, January 27, 2012

Another from January 19, 2012

One more picture from a few days ago....I am really beginning to think this is the most snow we are going to see this winter. I don't think it has completely quit raining for over 24 hours. We drover over to the super Walmart in a nearby town, and took some back roads. Water was every where. It looked like regular little streams through some of the fields...fields that you would have thought was flat.
I chickened out on my computer...I did take all the screws out of the back...and took some little panels off....but neither one gave access to the fan. I have saw a video of how to clean the fan, but not one of how to get to the fan. I have found instructions, but not one single picture is included. And so many things have to be disconnected...if I was familiar with it all I could probably do it. And could probably do it if I had pictures to see...but for now I am not that brave. So far it hasn't quit on me again, so hoping it lasts a while longer.
I did finish cutting the rest of the strips for Roger's quilt. My friend was talking about pioneer women and what a job it was for them. And wondering how they got enough fabric to make one. I have wondered forever how they did it all. I think back then beds were smaller...when I was young having queen and king sized beds was not the normal thing. Not in our area anyway.

Mom did save every scrap of fabric, and was tickled to death if anyone happened to give her a few. I don't remember it taking her very long to cut out her pieces for a quilt top. She always used a piece of cardboard to make her pattern, and would layer 3 or 4 pieces of her fabric...and she just held the pattern and the fabric together in one hand, and cut around it.

It is a whole different world now...she never went to a quilt shop in her entire life...there wasn't even a good general fabric shop around down there then. I think she only every had one thimble...I bet I have had at least 8 or 10 different styles. I don't know that I ever saw her buy needles...except for me for Home Economics...and maybe some quilting needles. She just kept up with her stuff like that.

And I have said it before, but will say it again...I would love to know how many miles of sewing she has done...both by machine and by hand.