Thursday, April 23, 2020

I can show you the finished project.....

This was finished and washed and found its way to its new home this week...all the way to Texas.  It is definitely in paler colors than I normally work with.  And was made with a line of fabrics...not just stuff pulled from here and there that was in my stash already.

My daughter designed the layout.  And we worked together on it one day.  And had plans to work more together but things interfered with our plans, and I finally finished the top on my own.  Thankfully, she had printed out the layout.  Then I did the layering and quilting.

This is the back...I regret that I did not get it on there straight, but I was doing everything by myself  and doing it on the could not move layers easily.    So crooked it is.  (You can tell it is crooked by the fabric at the top and bottom of the part with all the white.  I did not plan for that to be in the center...I always like back art to be off center at least....and if I had  had enough fabric, it would have all been off-kilter on purpose.  But I was scrounging to have enough to do the backing.

This shows a bit of the free-motion quilting I did on my Juki TL98Q.  It was 58 inches square before it was washed and dried, but then got in such a hurry to get it to the post office I did not measure it after I got it out of the dryer.

I have made four different types of masks.  The first was a group of 7 that I sent to nurse.  They had the loop of elastic that went around the ear.  I showed them when I made them.    Then I made another kind that I did not take a photo of....

Today I made a sample of two others.

This is basically like two others I have made, but instead of using elastic or a strip of folded cotton for the ties, it uses strips of an old cotton t-shirt.  It is fairly comfortable.

Then I tried this style...the video I watched said 22 inches of elastic should be plenty.  Of course that was quarter inch elastic...and all I had was 3/8's....I cut mine 22½ inches,  and first pinned the overlap and tried it on and it was too tight.  So I butted the ends together and wrapped them with fabric and sewed them in and it is still a bit on the tight side.

I hope this finds you safe and well.  This week is almost over and done in the blink of an eye for me.  The time has flown.