Thursday, June 30, 2022

 She came for a short visit the other day and I have not seen her since.  She honestly seemed as excited to see me as I was to see her.

I had to call an ambulance for Roger yesterday morn...I could not get him to get up.  He would say what, when I was trying to get him to get up to take his meds.  And say okay...but would just go back to sleep.

You cannot imagine how stupid I my own defense, I will say I am ever looking for something that points to another stroke.  But he is diabetic.  Can you guess where I am going?  Yes, his blood sugar was extremely, extremely low.  I am amazed he was not in a coma.  The EMT gave him an IV that brought his sugar back up and had him eat a peanut butter sandwich before they would leave.  

And my biopsy was more basal cell....right now another MOHs surgery is scheduled for Aug 12.  The other option is radiation.  25 treatments.  Every day.    They both scare me since it is about an inch below my eye and close to my nose.