Friday, October 21, 2011

A no photos post, or simply miscellaneous thoughts

I have not done enough today to earn my keep, as I have heard my mom say. Literally nothing as far as accomplishments.
Oh, wait, I did need check registers since the place we get our checks quit supplying them. I had been playing on the computer beforehand, so when I realized I did not have one anywhere, I proceeded to find some on-line. That led to e being at Amazon which is a real no-no for me. I cannot go there without looking at books. I always click on non-fiction, because I have a thing about buying nonfiction. Not sure why....but I cannot remember the last time I bought a non-fiction book. It was probably a Stephen King book for my older daughter.
So, looking at books sometimes leads me to looking at Kindles...which happened today. I half way think about getting one, but then think do I really need it. I decided to download the app for PCs.
Let me tell you, that may have been a BIG mistake...besides libraries starting to have some books for Kindles, there is the Project Gutenberg ....then there is Amazon itself. I had glanced before at what they had available, but let me tell you, now that I have spent some time at it, I am in hog heaven. And it is free stuff! I probably could not find a lot of them in actual book form, and one I downloaded I noticed was $30 to buy. And it is non-fiction stuff, which is even better. First hand accounts of pioneers.
Oh, I have downloaded some fiction...but am afraid I will be tempted to look for books more than I read..
Then a friend of mine, Carletta, almost lost a few month's worth of photos. So we have been talking about online storage...I have thought about it for a long time but continue to put it off. Has anyone else used on-line storage....for anything. I would just want it for my photos.. I have looked at Carbonite and at is very tempting since I know that some of them do it automatically every time you are on the internet. I would still want them backed up on my own external hard drives.
And that just now led me to remembering I can make a back-up copy of my blogs...maybe I should look into that.
Anyway, one thing has led to another and I have not done much. Oh, I did come down here to download the kindle app on my netbook, and I did sew a few lines...