Sunday, June 8, 2008

The boys

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I haven't shown the babies in a here are the boys. About the only time they are still is when they are sleeping. Bubbie, on the top does a lot of sleeping. However when he is awake, he likes to keep things stirred up. If nothing else, he likes for us to play chase with him. And he loves Shelby, our old collie/shepherd mix.

Cougar, who I first called Chunky Monkey is still very close to his sister. He reminded me so much of my original cat called Cougar that I was all the time slipping and calling him that, so just decided that was his name. He is even lanky like the original was. He likes to play with his sister, but does not like to play with Bubbie cause Bubbie is too rough.

Like the original Cougar, he can smell fresh hamburger a mile away. They all will eat it, but he begs for it. I tried to snap a couple pictures of the Princess, aka Puss Puss but she just cannot be still. The only way almost to catch any of them is when they are sleeping. I will try again in the coming days.

We have started letting my two kitties and Mother Cat outside, but we make Bubbie stay in. I would rather have them all stay inside, but the two females will run you over to get outside. It is understandable with the mother, since she was an outside cat the first two or three months of her life, till my daughter took her home.

Besides having a fear of one getting run over, they have really interfered with Mama Squirrel. She only comes about twice a week now...and even then is not quite herself. She will come running when I see her and call her name, but once she gets here she is very leery of everything. So I really miss her easy companionship. We used to sit at the picnic table or I would sit on the edge of the porch and she would sit beside me...and she will sit at the picnic table but just not very long. Before she would sit there as long as I was feeding her.