Tuesday, May 17, 2022

A finish of a different sort

Remember, you can right click and click on the photo to view in a new tab or window and get a bigger version to see. As you can see the wolf is made of a gazillion different photos.

 I have told the story before of this puzzle...well, actually this is not the one given to me.  My friends husband sent the original and on a note in it, he said to work it or burn it...he did not care which.  Which tells you it was hard.  He always had a puzzle out on their pool table for his spare moments.  

Anyway, I had the original out several years ago, and the door to the bedroom got left open and the cats got on it, chewed up some pieces.  I have no idea why.  But they were beyond use, and knocked pieces everywhere.  Some fell behind the piece of furniture and I just could not move it at the time.  So I put it away and don't know what I eventually did with it.

Needless to say, I ended up getting on Amazon later, and ordering a new one.  And it has sat for years waiting for me to have the time to work it.  And a way to work it without the cats interfering.  I knew if it took my friend's husband a while to work it, it would take me a good while.

I am usually a pretty quick puzzle worker...but I have had this out since I think in February...the last half.  But there were a few weeks when I barely touched it, as in maybe one 20-30 minute session.  And I still had to keep it covered so I could not just pass by and search for a piece.   I did get serious about getting it finished after I finished Lorelei's turtle and spend a good part of my spare time this past 10 days working on it.

I don't know why, but I can do just fine working the lighter parts of the puzzle...but I know it took me at least twice as long to work the dark portions.  But it is done at last.  And I feel like a bird that has just been set free.

Sunday, May 8, 2022


I cannot remember when I first actually started this.  I know it was in February when I got the request to make our granddaughter a 'turtle.'  It had to sit and simmer in my mind...and then I had to sketch it out and decide how to make it.  Lorelei is happy with it.  I have mixed feelings about it...I think that is why it took me so long to finish it.

Edited to add:  This is not full sized quilt.  I did not think to tell but it is a wall hanging.  I am not even sure of the size...around 16 inches wide and maybe 18 inches up long.

We had a lot of rain/overcast days this past week.  The coming week is supposed to be sunny and bright every day, with temps near 90°F some days.  I look forward to the warm days and sitting on the porch to read a few minutes sometimes.

I saw that my hibisus are both coming up.  I am very relieved.  My red one is much farther along than the pink one.  I really was afraid the pink one was not going to pop up.   I need to pull more weeds, and need to get some tomato plants to go in my pots.  I look forward to have a fresh, home-grown tomato to eat one more time.  


I have to include a pic of Delta and Copper...they are taking care of Lorelei when she is spending time with her Aunt.  

I tried to leave a youtube short, but I cannot find a way to link to only mine.  And depending on when I click on the link they provide there are things I just don't like to see at all.  It is a video of the squirrel coming to me.  If I figure it out, I will post it later.

Monday, May 2, 2022

a pink world

I wish there was a way to share the feeling of standing under the dogwood tree.  It is almost as if you are living in another world.

For some reason I have not taken near the number of photos this year.  so I thought I best take a few more before they begin lose their petals.


And even with this iris....I took a photo of it over a week ago but forgot to post it.  So I took another one today.  I don't remember how I came to have this color.  I may have got a mixed bag of bulbs. 

The sun was bright and shining today...I did a bit of weeding, and tying up of the iris blooms.  Before I started to work,  I sat on the porch a minute, and tried to call the Little Mama but no luck.  Did not see her anywhere.  When I got done, I sat a minute to cool down, looked across the streed and there she came.  So I got to visit with her a little bit but I did not take any new pics..  I should have though.  I had a bright coral teashirt on and could see it reflected in her eyes.

I hope that all of you have a good week ahead.

Friday, April 29, 2022

She comes running, almost

 She came again this morn...such a sweet little mother.

She even sat in my lap a couple times.  I talk to her constantly when she is with me.  To get her familiar with my voice.  I think she already knows it, though.


I have not been accomplishing very much at all this week.  I did go to a small quilt show in Arthur, Illinois yesterday.  I am not sure how may quilts were on display...I would think around a hundred.  there were some beauties, but the place the show is held in has to have the rows so close together, one cannot stand back and get a good photo.

Below is a portion of one of my favorites...

The above is really a simple quilt to mke, but the arrangement of colors make it look harder than it is.  Though on second thought, my brain would probably explode trying to keep the colors where they should go.

and the above was a faorite, too.  There were several that I loved...just could not get good pics.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

 Just a couple views of

She is growing like a weed...almost.

While I am at it, I might as well show Copper....he is enjoying his life.  My daughter also gets pics of some of his siblings...they seem to have landed in good homes, too.   Even if I had the photos, I would not feel free to show since they are not mine.  But wish you could see them all.  Below he was so tire he just had to snooze a while.

And below he is sitting on his mom's legs while leaning against the couch...he is a bit peeved that she is reading instead of playing with him.

It is a rainy day here.  Or should I say a day of sprinkles.  I think if it is going to rain, it is supposed to come in the afternoon.  

I am wondering if spring is ever going to get here all the way.  I am afraid it will basically skip spring and go into the heat of summer.

I have shown this before but still love it and hoping someone else will enjoy it...

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

New kid on the block...pardon the photo overload.

 Isn't she adorable?

The photos are in order, except for the very first one...it should be last.  But these are just a few of the ones I took.

Above is not good technically but I was sitting on the porch , she was on the first step down reaching up trying to find another snack.  She is not still a second unless she has something to eat.

I have the one above scheduled to post over my other blog as well as here.

I have not decided on a name.

So, I have fed her 3 or 4 times in the past few months.  I try to keep pecans available.  I know she loves them.  The first thing I do when I go outside is look for a squirrel...if I see one I try to decide if it is her.  If I think it might be her, I yell "Little Squirrely!"  Not loud loud, but  just a shade above a talking voice.  If it is her she sits up and takes notice.

So I came home from shopping today.  I scan the area for her when I get home and don't see her or any squirrel for that matter.  I  carried in 3 or 4 loads, and was going back to the car to get the last and all of a sudden I realize she is in and around my feet...and she starts to take off.  I have no idea how long she had been there, or where she came from.  I had nuts in the car, for her, in case we get home and she is here.  I get a couple, call her, and give her one or two...she is sitting there eating, looking towards the house.  My back is to the house.  It is windy and she is nervous at strange sounds.  Then she just takes off across the street and up a tree.  I look back and Roger had came out the door...

So I finished getting things in and put away, and just went out back to sit and see if she will come.  I could not see her at all.  But I yell for her, and just sit and keep watching...finally I see a movement...it is her coming down the tree. and she comes running and we visit at least 20 minutes....I am so thrilled.  I am wondering if she is pregnant...I have no idea where she considers home.

When Mama Squirrel started coming here, she had her babies in our tree every year...most years she had a litter in spring and one in the early fall.

Roger had blood drawn about 10 days ago, and we went yesterday to get the results.  His A1c was back down within normal range.  He was no longer anemic, and also his magnesium level was back up within the normal range.  So all that was good.  But we had a long wait, plus when we see her, she really sits and asks questions and examines him.  

I don't know if that was it or what, but Roger did not feel good this entire day.  Till along about 9:00.  He said he was starting to feel normal.    It is hard when he feels bad or has this certain look in his face.  But I am getting better at telling myself we all have days we don't feel good, or just don't feel normal.

That is it for tonight...no video or anything.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022


 This belonged to either Roger's mom or Grammy and for the life of me I cannot think which.  Probably his mom..  It is tiny.  I wish I had a picture of something showing the size.

The cup sitting in the saucer is 1 5/8 inches tall...and that is counting at the top of the handle. The saucer is about three inches across.

Just thought I would show you this bit of cuteness.

And this is something else that showed up that I have watched before.  Here is your moment of silliness.  For some reason it struck me funny.  Have your sound on...

Thursday, March 24, 2022


 I have long wanted to make a few cards, but just never seemed to have time when I needed them...and other things fill my mind when  I do have time.  However I have a friend whose birthday is in a few days so I have worked on this for 3 days!  Well, let me say I first spent one day on another background...but once I got it together, I did not like it.  So the next day I started this one.   I had a scrap of fabric in mind for the flower.  I thought I laid it aside close to my sewing machine and spend enough time hunting for it to have finished this yesterday and to have started on another.  

Even last night, I was actually headed to bed before 1:00A.M.  but thought I would glance one more time for it and it ended up being 1:20  before I got in bed.  And I still did not find the fabric.

Anyway, it was fun to made...I did have card stock that I have had for years.  But I don't have what you would call card making supplies.  But I would like to make a few of these if I can ever get a couple other projects done.

So far, we have had rain both Monday and Tuesday but at no point did it come a downpour.  But so far, so good with the drains I put on the downspout.

I am leaving you with another video I may have shared sometime in the past.  I know I have saw it before.  It cracks me up.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

 No, I still have not sewn these together. And I still make a new one every now and then. (Remember to click on the photos to expand the view.)  When I first started making them I was just going to place them together like this.  One flower next to the other...but then I had second thoughts and saw so many ideas that I changed my mind.  Add to the ideas I see on the internet, I have come up with one of my own...

The photo above does not contain all the flowers I have made..as you can see below I have a stack of them


The kids came this past Saturday to celebrate Roger's birthday.  It was an early celebration, but if we waited till closer to his birthday Lorelei would not have been here.  It was a fun time to have them all here.  And also, Lorelei got the rest of her birthday.  One thing I had ordered before Christmas but still did not get here till after her birthday which is early February.  And a couple other little items that I had ordered about 3 weeks before her birthday celebration, and they did not get here till the day after we celebrated.  I had one thing that came in time for her party.

The one thing she had told me she wanted was a stuffed sloth that was almost as big as her.  I felt like her eyes just lit up once she saw it, even thought I had sent her a pic when it came.  It was no secret that I ordered it...she had showed it to me.

It was a beautiful day today...as usual, since it was Monday, I took Roger out for a late breakfast.  And it was even later than normal.  

We came home and first thing, Roger noticed that one of the drains of the gutters was loose from the downspout.  After eating, I could not bare to get down on my knees to fix it so I did what I had planned to do anyway.  I broke down boxes.  There are some supplies I order over and over, that come in good sized boxes.  Besides other things that I order on a regular basis.  Sometimes they come in bags, sometimes in boxes.  I am talking things like vitamins, and other OTC meds.  

After that, I tackled the downspout.  I got it back on and pray that it stays.  It should...I felt like I got it on a bit better.  Now to see if that helps about water in the basement.  We are supposed to have rain the next three days.  So say a prayer that that puts a stop to it.  Two of the drains at the end of the down spouts were plastc.  One was totally destroyed.   And the other was not much better.  I got regular downspouts to use to drain the water far away from the house.  It has worked well on one corner.

Well, to a lighter note, I thought maybe it would be fun to revisit one of my old videos of Lorelei.  But oh, it is so bittersweet...it is from before Roger's stroke.  And she is helping him by painting the outside of a sandblasting box he built.  That was probably the last thing he made before he had his stroke.  He had built it and tested it enough to know that it worked.  But had not really used it on anything he was actually working on.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Remember this?

 Remember I was sewing bits of fabric from this little container to make 'crumb' blocks.  I did a better measurement of the container.  It is 5 1/4 inches long, and 3 1/4 inches  square otherwise.  Below are the what I have sewn so far...the little coral fabric in the upper right hand corner of the top block came from another container.

Here are two more--that pink strip across the top of the top block came from another container.

Two more:

can you believe there are still more?

And here are the last two:

That was 10 blocks from that little container, other than those scraps I mentioned.  And I have at least half enough pieced for half of another block...and still more in the container but they are all just sort of blah and I will be adding more colorful scraps from other containers.  This was just something to do to see how many I could get out the container. 

Also, all of the above blocks are bigger than 6 1/2 inches square.  I have not trimmed them down to size.  I was keeping my options open.  I might want to make them 9 1/2 inches square.  I have not decided for sure.  I don't necessarily think they are so beautiful...it is that I love sewing and I get so much enjoyment from sitting and sewing them together.

Remember I moved my sewing machines to a room of their own.  Well, I ordered another sewing table and moved one back to my dining room.  There are so many times when I am cooking or just waiting for something that I missed having one of them in here.  Plus, it sits in from of windows and so bright and light there.  I am so glad I did it.

So last week was very eventful.  I told about the flat tire.  I did not tell that earlier in the week when it rained and blew, I had water get in the basement again.  I checked before going to bed and all was okay, so I do not know just how it came about.  I had so much water to get up.  It is strange to have lived here all these years and did not have trouble till after Roger's stroke.  

We might have a little get in in this one corner, but nothing to really worry about.  Now I would be afraid to be gone when it really rains.  Though what I could do by being here is more than I know.   Those were the bad things.  

The good thing is my sewing table came.  It came in two boxes, each one very heavy.  I kind of walked them in. You know how you stand something heavy one on a corner and move the other corner forward.  Anyway, I got it put together.  It has the heavy 'k-legs' and I forget what wood the top is made of but it is heavy.  It may partly be the metal inserts in it.  Anyway,  I feel like my machine is safe in it.  All of my machines are close to 30 lbs each.  I would not feel they were safe on a lot of the sewing tables that are made.  Besides the fact that they would vibrate bad.

That is a long ramble....I am sorry to be that way.  I just could not think how to shorten it...even though I did leave out some details.
Below is a video I may have shared before.  It cracks me up.  You got to follow the conversation....

Thursday, March 10, 2022

A hard day....

 I got this pic from my daughter tonight...Copper and Delta would not be quiet...so she actually yelled at them to be quiet. (You would have to yell for them to hear you....and what is funny, I have never heard her yell at either one.)  

They bark at other dogs.  They bark at kids.  In some cases, they think they are guarding the house, but when it is kids and dogs, I myself think they are inviting them to come and play.  Anyway, it hurt Copper's feelings, so he had to snuggle with his mom.  

It was one of those days here.  In fact, it has been one of those weeks.  But I will just tell you about today.  I got up and got ready and headed out the door to take Roger through the drive through.  I had to have the Rav4 in at 11:00 to get new tires.  Got out the door, and looked and there we had totally flat tire!  I ended up calling a wrecker service that we know and he came and changed it.  By the time he got here, and got it changed, it was time for me to head to get the new tires. 

We have more flat tires than anyone I have ever known.  And we really don't go very many places.  I bet we don't put 10,000 miles on a vehicle in a year.  Ithink we have at least averaged have a flat every year and a half or so.

I am thankful that we were home and not out somewhere remote.  And I am glad it wasn't the new tires.

I will leave you with a feel-good video;

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Remember Scott Hamilton?

 I don't know what determines what pops up on Youtube, but in my sidebar this popped up.  He was just so good...and I think this one shows his humor, too, while still showing what a skater he was!  I hope you enjoy it half as much as me.  And Roger sure did, too, when I showed it to him. Be sure and watch his footwork...   I always loved to watch him, but did not realize how much I missed him...he does on skates  that I could not do on just my feet!  

It is best opened up to full screen...even better on TV.

Monday, February 28, 2022

Made by hand....

 This was from back in the day when I did a lot of hand stitching.

It was small...maybe 15 inches wide and at least 20 inches long, maybe even a bit longer. 

I have not sewn a single stitch today.  And here it is approaching midnight and I am of half a mind to go sew a few lines. 

It was such a beautiful day here, and going to be even more so tomorrow.  At one point this after noon, it was 52°F.  It may have gotten warmer before the day was over.  The heat has been off since sometime in the afternoon.  I think it is supposed to stay warm this week, but going back to cooler weather next week.

I have a little video for you:

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Bits of fabric

 See these bits of fabric all sewn together.  The block overlapping the other four is about 7 inches square.  The other four are not quite that big.  though they are getting close.  The bits of fabric in them  all came from the little plastic box below.

This shows how much remains.  Granted, it was jam packed before I pieced these.  But I could put the lid on and close it.

It measures about 6 1/2 inces across and is about 4 1/2 inches square.  Or almost square.  I did not really measure that way.

I would love to keep on with them and see just what could actually be made.  The only thing, there are not many really colorful fabrics.  And most of the ones in it are scraps I have bought.  Not scraps from things I have made, though a few are.


I just let Bubbie in a few minutes ago.  It is cold outside.  The ground and sidewalks were covered with snow.  I am hoping that we don't get much.  I just dread having to be so careful with getting out myself...plus Roger hates staying home.


My brother brought me his older snow blower.  It has not been used that much.   It takes a gasoline mixture.  You know, gas with 2-cylce engine oil mixed in.  Well, right away I wanted to get a gas can just for it.  Our power washer takes straight gasoline.  I have a 2 gallon gas can for it.  I just simply cannot handle the 5 gallon  gas can.   

The next time I was in Walmart, I looked at their gas cans.  It  was so complicated, I thought I best examine it before buying it.  And I just could not get it to do what I understood the directions to mean.  I was not strong enough.  So I came home and you-tubed it...I had understood correctly.  I just was not strong enough.  There was a tab that had to be pressed to be able to take the nozzle off.  I just simply could not do it. Then there was a part you flipped up and pushed forward.  I could flip it up, but not push the part forward.

I know I have  lost strength in my hands by the times I have trouble with things I always did with no trouble.  

So then I went to Tractor Supply a day or two later.  There the gas cans had the nozzles inside.  I thought Great!  A normal nozzle.  I get home and take it out, and no, it is not normal.  I had to get on line to figure it out for sure.  I ended up ordering a straight nozzle to go on it.  I was so frustrated I did not think about just using a funnel  and taking the nozzle off and pouring it in that way.  Fun times!  

I have had this post started for days and just been unable to sit and finish it.  I usually like to end with a youtube video that is funny.  Or at the least a feel good video, but the one I had chosen I cannot embed.  I prefer to embed them because I hate having to go to another page to see.  Instead I will leave with a photo of a quilt top using the crumb blocks like above.  It needs an outer border, but I have yet to find something I like.  but I should just use whatever I can piece together.  It is one I have been actively look for border fabric till I could finish it and quilt it.  I have had this much done for several years.

Friday, February 18, 2022


 This is Rosie, Lorelei's dog...Lorelei sent this a few dayss and keep forgetting to post it.  Today is the day.  It makes me smile every time I see it.  You can tell she is such a happy dog.  She is just so loving.

My other daughter sent this the other night...Copper had just came into her kitchen looking like this.  We both wondered what he had been doing.  Sandra says Beau does this when he wakes up. 


After a couple days of around 50°F, we have stayed below freezing today.  I have only stepped outside to get the mail in and a delivery.  

Do you have a lot of deliveries?  We sure do.  And most of it is just to save me from having to pick it up at Walmart and handle it so many times.  Saves me time in finding some of it, as in vitamins and personal things like that.  All of Roger's meds come by delivery.  Today's delivery were little bottles of 2-cycle oil.  Tomorrow will be a book about my camera.  I am so thankful that I don't have to get out and go shopping for every little thing.


Night before last the hard drive of our Directv dvr was malfunctioning, so I had to get on the phone to call tech support.  Of course I first got on line and searched for fixes, but it came down to the fact that I had to call.  I at least had done done all the things she started to tell me to try.  So, a new one is supposedly on its way.  I hope it is simple to get back up and running.  I miss recording the local news, and being able to watch it when I want.   Also, there is a quilting show I always record and watch after Roger goes to bed.  

Well, that is about it from my world.  I leave you with another short, cute little video.

Sorry, I forgot to embed it, and now I go to embed it and the owner does not allow it to be posted on other websites.  So HERE is the link.  It is only a few seconds long.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Can you guess what this is supposed to be?

 It is supposed to be at least resemble a Russian Tortoise shell.  As some of you may know, I cannot draw a straight line.  I really can't.  So this was not a quick sketch for me.  Either of my daughter could have sat and drew it without even thinking twice.  And used to, Roger could have as quick as a wink.  That is another thing he lost with the stroke.  He did not use it much, just if I ask him to do something.

Anyway, remember these pumpkin placemats?  Well, I put a jack-o-lantern face on one for Lorelei to hang on her door.  So I got a text last week asking if I remembered her pumpkin.  I told her yes, why?  She wants me to PLeeesssseeee make her a tortoise to hang on the wall.  

I can never just go do something.  I have to mull it over.  I did start looking for an actual pattern but did not see one.  So I drew this shell.  and will work from it.  I am going to use fused applique.  It won't be like it is used as a quilt.  I will still use some stitching around the edges.  I just have to buckle down and choose fabrics for the shell itself, still have to make the head and feet but they should be relatively easy, and I have to choose the fabric for the background.  But this afternoon, I took the time to actually sew a few pieces of fabric together.
When she asked me that, I stopped working with the Christmas blocks I posted about here.  But I don't have a photo of any of the progress.  So that is in the background of my mind but I cannot settle to it till I figure what I am using to make the tortoise.  I have lots to choose from!
Ginny posted some photos of decorative cabbages...so I thought I would show my fabrics.  And these are not the only colorways.  Take a glance at THIS page...

These fabrics are designed by Kaffe Fassett.  They will NOT be used in making the tortoise for Lorelei.  

The one above is a scrap I have...

The one above and below are different colorways for the same fabric.

I have a lot of his fabric and have never been able to cut it.  Some of it I would get joy from just hanging it on a wall where I could see it.  But I have been trying to settle on a project for some of it.  Maybe one of these days I will break out the rotary cutter and get busy with it.
Today I have a video that is a little bit long.  But oh, it is so darn stinking cute you won't believe it.

Friday, February 4, 2022


Both the above and below were taken late yesterday afternoon.  It did not stop snowing before dark.  I do not know if it stopped at all but I did look outside sometime between 11:00 and midnight and it was snowing pretty hard.  

I did not do any shoveling yesterday, though I did clean off the front porch.  You probably cannot tell, but somehow the wind whipped the snow from the back of the porch to the edge and that is a snowdrift on the edge of my porch in the top photo.  Where my steps are.  So I did clean the steps off somewhat.

But I shoveled today.  Not all I need to do, but enough to get back.  From the back to the garage was probably 10 9inches of snow.  But directly behind the garage was only an inch or two.  Out front was probably just 5 or 6 inches.  So got it shoved from the porch to the sidewalk, and the sidewalk out front did so if the mailman comes, he won't have to wade snow up to my door as he must have done at some point yesterday.  

I had mail, but had not seen any tracks...when I went back out there today, I could barely see tracks in front of the porch.  None on the porch or none leading up to the porch.  Just those walking away...and they were barely noticeable.  
For fun a couple little videos from my daughter.  The first one shows her reaction if you ask if she wants to go to the basement and play.

And the second one is showing her and Delta's love of snow.

Monday, January 31, 2022

This and that...

  I guess you have heard we have a big snow predicted...starting Wednesday night.  I did make the time to get in a supply of catfood today...we dare not run out of their food.  When I came home from there, before I even got out of the car I spotted an eagle.

I had to run in the house and grab my camera and get back out...it was fairly high up and north of us quite a bit.  It was circling, and part of the time I could not see it when it turned a certain way.  That is how far it had gotten.

This is a cropped portion of te photo...you can click on all my pics and open bigger.  Or if you right click and choose to open in a new tab, it will usually open even bigger. 


I had to do a few things inside...besides put away what I had bought.  And I did set for a few minutes.  Also had to take Roger's glasses to have a nose piece put back on.  I doubt if tat was 15 minutes total time...

I decided since I had ran all day long that I might as well go to the strip pits...Roger went with me.  We were not disappoint.  Though the snow geese were not very active, about half the lake was covered with them...the half farthest away from us.  But the White-fronted geese were active...though no good pics of them.   You may think these are Canada geese but they aren't.  Thought I like the white-fronted geese, I miss the sound of the Canada Geese.

 And several swans went over....


What I really wanted to share was this little video that popped up the other day.