Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thoughts and questions

When I see roadside stands, I automatically want to stop. We were not headed home when we passed this one in southern Indiana, so we did not stop. We didn't return the same route, so had no chance to stop on the way back home. (This is a drive by shot, and it is poor quality--but I was grasping at straws to have a photo to post.)

There is a 'Y' in the road we pass on our way to our local Walmart that people often stop at and sell stuff direct from their truck. We get some really good corn and cantaloupes from various people at the 'y' as we call it. I think whoever gets there first claims the space.
We went to Indianapolis with Sarah and the toot yesterday to look at houses. Sarah did see a couple that she liked....Lorelei had a really good time till the last little bit. She almost fell asleep the first few minutes in the car after the last house, then she woke up. She cried a little bit, then she was just happy....talked and jabbered. Then started her 'yelling', where she goes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh for as long as she can. Loud. Over and over.

Sarah kept telling me she was about to fall asleep, and that is what she did....she was doing that and just stopped.....Roger said it was like turning off a light switch. She woke up right before home, and was just so happy to be in her own environment...
Now, to the questions. It is about how you handle comments and followers. I always try to visit whoever leaves a comment...I know I miss a few every now and then when I have joined a meme, but I even try to do return visits for them.

I have blocked a follower or two just because I felt like their sights were just spam sights...I guess that is what you would call them. Just trying to sell stuff with nothing else.

My question is, do you block some followers just cause you don't want to be associated with their type of blog? And do you block comments from places like that, even though the comment doesn't contain any links other than the name. I have wanted to ask these questions for a long time. I got a comment on my other blog....just a generic comment. I checked the commenter out...there were 3 blogs I think, and one of them the first thing I read was a poem with inappropriate language in I am going to delete that comment in a few minutes...the other blogs seemed more about selling can't imagine him coming back to my blog.