Sunday, September 30, 2007

My two babies...the one on the left is the little girl... and the one one the right is Chunky Monkey. They had just woken up when I took these pics a few minutes ago. He is almost double her size. Not in height but in width. I am thinking I will use one of these as the wallpaper on my computer.

Another beautiful fall day feels like rain is on the way. I went outside for something and was amazed by the feel. I don't might get me more in the mood to sew.

I went down and got my friend's Internet up and running this was really simple. I am sure she could have done it...but she is sort of scared of doing things like that. And if it had been like mine was, I would not have wished that on my worst enemy. For some reason it would not load from the disk and I had to get on the phone and spend hours getting it installed.

Other than that, I have not done much other than cooking and doing dishes. I read a little on a book I had thought was going to be very good, but was disappointed. It was just weird. A little sick to my way of thinking. So will probably not even attempt to read it through.

I also got my checkbook came out right first time around. Kind of scary. I am usually off just a few cents. So it seems to good to be true. Tomorrow is bill paying day--I try to pay all the bills on the first of the month. That helps me keep it straight. That and the fact that I actually have a record book that I keep track of the bills. I make a list of all the normal monthly bills, write the date paid, the check number, and the amount in it.

And last year with all the medical bills I even had one where I kept track of what we spent on them. I kept track of the check number, date paid, and who it was paid to. Believe it or not, it came in real handy when I was double billed one time.

I really wonder if other people have the medical expenses we have...I have kept track of it pretty close two or three years and on top of paying for insurance and on top of what insurance has paid, we have averaged spending almost $300 per month on medical bills. That is a chunk of change to be going out all the time. Yet not near as much as it would have been had we not had insurance. Plus, I am thankful to have been able to pay that.

Oh, well, I am going to try to get off here and get my mind settled and think about going to bed. I got so sleepy earlier I could hardly stay awake and now I am wide awake. I think I need to stay up all night one night. It has been a while since I have done that...