Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bird's foot trefoil and more

I just love this the color, love the actual way it blossoms. Just so beautiful!  And I can finally remember its name...
Then there is vetch. I would think they are what amounts to cousins at least.  Both are just beautiful.
I had to make a run to Walmart to pick up popsicles, ice cream (Klondike bars), and some other snack for while Lorelei is here.  I would not want to be out of her favorite treats.  As hot as it has been, I think popsicles are going to taste good to all of us.

It is raining and thundering as I type this.  And we are supposed to have more tomorrow, but Saturday and Sunday is supposed to be nice.  I am hoping they are right till Lorelei can be outside some.

I may be slow in visiting, but I will get around to everyone eventually.

From my back yard....

A few of you might have seen this on facebook...but got to tell more details here.  I was out hanging a load of clothes this was up in the morn.  Not real early.  I was watching buzzards...I always watch the sky.  Always watch for an eagle.  I thought they were just buzzards...and I am convinced that the ones I first glanced were all buzzards.

I glanced back and did a double take...I thought there's an eagle!! far every time I have had that gut reaction of 'there's an eagle' I have been right.  If you ever notice buzzards, they never just glide around smoothly in their circling...they always wobble a  little bit now and then.  And their wing extend up from their back in a sort of V shape.

So, even though I had that gut reaction, I ran to grab the spotter's scope out of the Rav...but the sun was just at the right angle, could not get a good look.  Then it headed west...I thought then that I could tell that its head and tail were at least turning white...and I thought, well, it is gone now.  I am not going to get a good look.  So laid the spotter's scope on the grill and continued hanging clothes.

I glanced to the west and there this one came...head and tail feathers as white as snow.  I flew in the house to grab my camera.  By the time I got out, it was gaining altitude...oh, not real high but still higher than when I first seen him, and he was circling and heading north.  It just made my day....I did not think the day could get any better.

Then Sarah and Tootie called tonight...she told  me she was coming day after tomorrow....and boy, did she jabber.  When they first called, one of my buddies was here, so she wanted to talk to Papaw.  After my friend left they were still Roger gave the phone to me.

I would give anything if you could have heard her.  She was singing..first she was singing ''Turn the beat around"....then she started singing a made up "I love you song", and it was just as much the way she was singing as what she was singing.  Usually she sings so softly, but tonight she was belting it  loud and oh, I just cannot describe it.  Sarah and I were totally cracking up which just got her more wound up.