Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A little bit of wildlife....

I ran through the strip pits again last night...I saw only a couple pheasants....above is a picture of one of them.
And I know this is dark, but it is a hawk. I saw I don't know how many hawks...and I don't know why butt they all seem dark. Even the most of the Northern Harriers...and there is no mistaking the way they fly or their white rump patch. But I have seen the fellow above fairly often and he is always on the dark side.
I only saw these two deer out there....I don't know what scared them, but I had seen them start their run from a ways off. I thought they would run a few feet and stop, but eventually here they came through the weeds and crossed in front of me. They went on to the top of the hill, and looked back from the direction they I wondered would coyotes gang up on them? I definitely got the feeling something was after them....
I finally finished my quilt blocks last night, but have yet to bring them up to arrange their layout. For some reason I dread doing that. Seems like even when I do it, once I get them sewn together, I always see two that should be separated. Oh, well, the top at least is one step closer to being done.

It is another dark and dreary day, and a little bit cooler than it was, though it is still not bad for February.