Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the toot at the fair

Yesterday morn was slightly, and I do mean slightly cooler than it has been, so we took Lorelei to the fair to see the animals.
We visited all the animals except the bunnies, but the petting zoo had bunnies...she did not want to pet one. Believe that or not, it is the truth.
Her favorite thing was the sheep and they were the most responsive to us. She just wondered all around the barn they were in.
I would never have picked the sheep to be the one she really liked...
every time we have ever been to a fair, the goats have been extremely friendly. So friendly, I have wished I could bring one home. But not yesterday. Not a single one wanted to be petted...
some of the girls got out this young one for her to see, but it was not enthusiastic and Lorelei didn't quite know what to think.

The cattle were tied with their heads to the inside of the stalls so there was no petting them, except this one that was at the end and she was asleep. In the chicken barn it was so noisy with the roosters crowing, that part of the time I think she actually got afraid, still she was interested in them.