Friday, June 12, 2009

In no special order....

I just had to post all of these...count your blessings that I didn't post more.
I just couldn't cut down any more than these. We were watching tv/dvds at the time. Not sure what we were watching at the time these were taken.
Part of the time I was the entertainment.
Part of the time the tv had her eye.
and she can have a sweet, serious little face at times.
This one was her grandpa's favorite....
I cannot pick a favorite. I sure look at these and smile though.

She does keep me busy; and I am worn out at the end of the day. But I miss her on the weekends. Part of the time we are the entertainment and part of the time she is. Sometimes I set her in the kitchen with me when I fix her bottle, and part of the time I will turn the TV on and see if she will be satisfied with it. (Even if she is watching TV she likes for one of us to be near.)

This morn I turned the TV on and went to fix her bottle, and you should have heard her laughing...and later in the day we had her out on the porch in her little rocker-seat. She sat and was content...then the wind started blowing and she started laughing out loud at the leaves/branches moving with the wind!