Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Not newborns....

Everywhere we go, we see newborn calves...well, not just newborn, but ones very, very young.  And one or two that I think were literally just born.  But we are never at a place to stop.  So I ran across this old photo and thought I would post it.
I finished a couple crumb blocks this morn and I patched a pair of Roger's jeans this evening...the only sewing I have done in a couple or three days.  It was fun.  I actually took my time and did a neat job.   I really don't mind the patching, it is when the material gets so far gone that there is nothing left to patch to that I find patching a chore.
It got windy, or what we thought was windy as we came home yesterday, but it did not hold a candle to the wind today.  It was there when I woke and though it may have slowed down some, it was till strong.  All day long.    And it felt like it was direct from an iceberg.  I am not sure if it got above 50ยบ today.  Such a change from yesterday's shirtsleeve weather.