Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The year of the locusts

This year has been the year of the locusts around here...not the insect but the tree. I have never seen so many locusts in bloom as this year. I could not narrow my choices down any more than this...and I am apt to have some another day. Every where you look, there are locusts in bloom. I hope you enjoy them. And please enlarge the photos--they are well worth it. Also, the ones with the real blue sky are not from photo software, but were not quite that way in real life. Almost, but not quite. I think it is from my polarizer, but I have never had it work this good....or maybe it was just a fluke of my camera in the good direction rather than how every now and then a picture or two will turn out totally I had a couple that the color was totally washed out--no way to save them even with software. And there was no reason for them to be that way.
Please click to enlarge and get the full effect!