Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lonesome place...

We went for a rambling drive today, presumably to check the creek that we usually like to fish. But in our round about way of going there, we took this little side road. It came to an end at this didn't have a name that we seen. We got out to look around a little and these are some of the first headstones I looked at. Click on the pictures and enlarge them...then see if you even begin to imagine what the mom/dad must have felt. There were several Kempers buried here, so I wondered were the young ones from only one family....either way I cannot imagine losing a single child, let alone two....or three or four. Even if they were just cousings, that would be a lot within a family.

There are a lot of times I feel like I would have liked to live at an earlier time, but I almost always state that the one thing I would not want to give up is our medical advantages. Then to see little children's headstones only re-enforces that feeling.

That is about it for now...I will have more from this drive over the next few days, and am even contemplating a Buzzards and Blue Skies for Sky Watch Friday--not very pretty I am afraid. And a lot of my shots were blurred, but a few are keepers.

Barns only

I am sure I have passed these before, but I sure don't remember them. They are about 5 minutes from my house. I know I have been on the road before but it has been years and years! Now I want to go back and investigate the area over there.