Saturday, May 18, 2013

The decisions are made....

Not the greatest pic...but you can see that silhouette.  It is a little house wren.  They have made their decision and have decided to have their nest in the gourd on our front porch.
They have been busy all day...and just sing and carry on something fierce.  Just happy to be alive.  I guess we should all be that way.  They are such a joy to have around.
Sink is in, but kitchen still is not back to normal.  But will be here shortly. 

Lorelei is coming tomorrow for a couple nights.  I hope it doesn't rain the whole time.  If nothing else, I would love to take her to a greenhouse before the plants are all gone.  And maybe get to take her to the park to play.  And it is warm enough to have out the squirt guns...of course, she is just as happy being here as anything.  So it is no worry either way.  But would just like to see her reaction to all the flowers.