Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting creative...

Sarah had a baby shower to go to this weekend...the baby's room is going to be done in birds. She decided as part of her gift to paint another gourd birdhouse. I think this is gorgeous! I just took a couple quick snaps of it while she was here.
Below is my work.
Or at least the beginning. It takes as long to mark the fleur de lis as it does to sew them..or almost.
I am using a variegated/multicolored thread. It is a personal choice. I was not sure I would like it so did a sample first and I really like that it shows up. Part of what shows here is the pencil marking...hoping it comes out in the wash as it always did for my mom.

There are other markers out there, but am always afraid I won't get chalk, if it came off easy, then afraid it would get brushed off before I got the quilting done. And there is a blue marker...kind of like a magic have to get it out with plain cold water first, but have heard some people say that the marks come back. So, didn't want to try that for that reason, but sure would have liked it for others. The pencil markings are so hard to see...