Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I have posted this graph before...but it so fits my day.  Actually could have used it one day this weekend.  Between the two days, I have spent hours looking for this piece of organza or voile...don't really know which it is.  I think organza.  I have had it for years, and used a little bit of it.   And I wanted to use it in an fabric collage thing I have been meaning to try for ages.  But could I find it..no!  I have always kept it in a drawer, not with my quilting fabric.
This little critter is still living in my flower garden.  I think it is just a tiny bit fatter than when shown here.  I wish I could figure a way to show you its web.  it is almost as if it has built it as a cage around itself.  there is web in front of it and there is the web behind it.

My hyacinth bean....I don't know who the resident is.  I did not notice it when I took the picture.