Friday, June 7, 2019

This and that again

A little cuddling is needed every Bubbie.  At some point or other he comes and gets up by me, on my lap if I don't have my computer.  As you can see, he more than fills my lap.

Remember we went to Arthur, Illinois a week or two ago.  Well, I bought some fabric...not because I loved it but because it was on sale...and I have plans for it.  If I can ever get around to settling down to a good sewing session.

This first one I got thinking I might use it as a quilt backing for some of my wild crumb quilts....I do like it.  Just not love it.

This one and the one below,

I am not sure about.  I may make pjs out of one of them.  I love just plain old cotton pjs.

The bottom one is thin, and I thought about trying a pattern for a top on it.  Still not sure.

Remember the video in my last post...the part about having hearing problems.  We had our moment here tonight.

Lorelei is here....Roger had come in with licorice.  I wanted a piece...licorice is something I  want in small doses.  So all I wanted was one piece, and Roger was trying to give me a second one.  I don't know which of us ask Lorelei if she wanted a piece, and she said she had never had it.  He said, 'You've never had licorice.' and she said no, and he said, " I can't believe you've never had licorice!'  and she was saying no, she never had.  And he said something else...teasing her.

And she said papaw, 'Papaw, quit being so Loud!' and he said what?  She said it again, 'Papaw, quit being so loud.'  Now she wasn't being hateful...she was teasing.  I said, 'Papaw isn't being loud.'

She came and bent over and looked at me and said , 'wowed, Mama, W-O-W-E-D!'  So all the time I thought she was saying 'loud' she was saying 'wowed.'