Friday, August 24, 2007

I am finally able to eat fairly normal--it took long enough. I think night before last was the first real meal I have eaten since starting on the new antidepressant. I cannot tell if it is helping me yet or not with the exhaustion and moods. The moods came and went anyway, and I still could sleep the day away if given the chance.

I have to go back for more views (mammograms??) of my breasts. They think it is just calcifications, but just want to be sure. I do not feel worried, though maybe I should. I have had one sister and one maternal aunt with breast cancer. That is Monday morning.

Still not into sewing or even photography...I did sew a few lines earlier this week and keep promising myself to get back down there. I did have to redesign my sketch of the quilt top I am making...the one I was going by used only 56 blocks and I have 72 made. It is going to be old-timey looking. Mainly browns and dark colors. I am trying to use some of my older fabrics.