Thursday, September 5, 2013

Old homes in Tennessee

Actually a couple old homes in Tennessee.  Drive-bys of course.  You can see the edge of the car window in the very bottom of this shot...notice the one has no windows on the end and the other does.    (I would like to encourage you to click and expand the view.)
On down the road and a bit better photo of the second home...notice what is standing peaking out above the trees on the left side...the barn below!
Not the greatest photo, but isn't it a beauty?  I just love these photos, and would really love the middle one for a jigsaw puzzle.  Does anyone else see pictures on blogs and wish you could have them in jigsaw puzzle form....I do all the time.   

Of course I wonder what happened to the people that lived there.  I cannot remember the surrounding area...I don't remember if there was a newer house close by or not. Whether there was or not, these scenes sure pull at my heart. 
I have not been accomplishing too much other than most days been hanging out some laundry...I want to enjoy every bit of that I can before winter.  And I try to sit on the porch some every day.  That is one thing I miss so much when cold weather arrives.  We are still having breakfast out there a lot of morns...

I need to get back to decluttering but having a hard time getting started.  There's other stuff that is much more interesting!  I have the binding made for both current quilt projects, and got the backing made for the small quilt top....I did start over and made a new one.  Now I need to get down there and make a practice quilt sandwich and get everything set to quilt.  There is just not enough hours in the day....