Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Sweet moment in time...

As we drove back through the strip pits the other night, we began to see a few deer.  In total out there we seen at least 10, maybe 11.  I am just not sure about one.  But this mama and baby were close to the last we saw out there.  Roger thought it must have been a late baby since the spots are still so bold.  I was in an awkward shooting position, so could not get a better shot.  (I always have an excuse....)

Yesterday the a storm was moving through...with wind.  There are enough leaves on the ground till it looked like a herd of wild horses racing along the street.  I just could not believe there were that many.  Another strange thing was I could hear the wind howling in the it does in winter.  Only in winter it is close enough till you feel like you can reach out and touch it.

I had a weed in my flower bed...well, I have more than one but this one was huge and I have been meaning to go out and pull it, but for one reason and another I had not done it.  Day before yesterday I was headed to the garage and thought I would pull it on my way.  And I did, and was walking away and going to take it and put in the compost pile.  I no more than headed that way till something got me on my forefinger that was carrying the weed.  I thought it was a packsaddle....about the time I had that thought, I had a yellow jacket about to get me on the arm....and out of the corner of my eye I saw them swarming up out of the ground where I had pulled up the weed.

And you know, I learned something then.  I can still run!  LOL  Maybe not fast, but since my fall, I have not felt like I could run, but I ran then.  And I did not get stung again.  How I escaped the one that one on the arm is more than I know.    I cringe at the thoughts of how I have been down on my hands and knee in that area more than once not that long ago.  I am so thankful they were not there then....because no matter how I try, I am slow getting up.


This was taken over a week ago...just saying...

I hope you all are having a nice week.  I am slowly becoming accustomed to my new washer.  It will for sure do a bigger load than my old one, but boy, is it slow.