Friday, April 5, 2024

It could be better....

This could be better but I am still fairly happy with it.  The only thing I wish he had been looking at me.  I was shooting through the tree and was glad to get it focused this good.  


Another cold and damp day.... not comfortable to be outside.  I had to run to Walmart this morn.  I hope to not have to go again on a Friday.  It was just not fun...seemed like I was always in someone's way or they in mine.  And I saw something I have not seen before.  One of the guys stocking the Coke shelf had his pallet set cross ways of the aisle and had it completely blocked, instead of parking it parallel.  I figures something was wrong, but did not ask.

I spent a lot of time on laundry.  I absolutely hate the new washing machines.  They waste so much time and I truly think more water and I know more energy.  I never wash a load that I don't rinse twice.  I always put it on extra deep, and still my clothes/quilts stick up out of the water.  And they take forever to do a load.  I don't know what a person would do that had a lot of sickness/dirty bedclothes to launder.  And this washer doesn't take as long as the one I had bought a few years ago.

I am running on fumes now so will post this and try to rest.