Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This is Lucy, thinking about climbing up my legs. I am so glad that I wear jeans...it does not feel good when I have my pj's on and she decides she wants to come up and see me. Usually when they are hungry and I go to get their food, the both come running and jump up to my thighs and hang on!
I have been trying to decide what to start next....I wanted to make something little and quick to send to another friend that I went to high school with. Her birthday is the 12th, so I really need to get busy. Is it stupid to want to do something with bright flowers at this time of year? That is what I really want to do, but have about decided to quick make a couch quilt out of the blocks left over from that last quilt top I made. The one that kind of his an Irish chain feel to it. I wonder if I could get it done, with getting that biopsy tomorrow???
She lives in Pennsylvania so I would really have to buckle down and work on it every minute. I really think she would appreciate it. We were not the best of friends in high school, yet we had went to the same little elementary school so in one sense we had things in common. Had not heard from her since high school, then a couple years ago on my birthday, I got an email from her and we have been emailing each other since.
Sometime we want to make it to Tennessee at the same time...when either one of us goes down, three of our other life time friends and whichever of us two is down there, always get together and go out to eat. And talk and talk.
It is close to midnight here. I couldn't write about mom last week...too many bitter memories surfaced after seeing my sisters. I really prefer not to dwell on the bad, but it did exist. But there was good, too.
I remember one summer for some reason we had a little bit of down time when we didn't have anything pressing in the garden or tobacco. Mom pulled out 3 quilt tops and we tied them all. I cannot remember what two of them were but one of them was Hands_All_Around.
I still have it. This is just a sample I found on the web...
I remember her laughing and saying people would think we were crazy making quilts in the summer; it was hot and we had not air conditioning. So she did have a point. But she also talked about we would not be getting cold in the winter.
Sometimes I wonder how she stayed so interested in quilting. There were no quilt shows, no magazines. I remember when it was an absolute thrill to find one of the women's magazines with a quilt featured. Then came Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. I still have all mom's old issues and love to look at them every now and then. I would like to know if it was the first magazine dedicated to quilting.....I have a feeling that it was, but not sure.
One time she was able to buy this big box of scraps from a sewing factory for $5. In my mind it was a huge box, and I honestly think it was at least 20-24 inches wide, probably 12-15 inches deep, and it was much longer than it was wide. I think it took both my brothers who were teen-agers to carry it in. (And they were not small teen-agers either.) It was a treasure chest for her. I think she only made quilts and braided rugs from them. To this day that is one of my best memories.