Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Better days....

This barn has seen better days, but you can definitely tell it has been a real beauty. And still appeals to me. It has good bones. It is part of a junk yard we ran into a week or two ago. There was no way to get just a photo of the barn.

I cannot seem to get back to blogging....we went to Sarah's weekend before last, then came home to router problems. I ended up calling in a computer guy to come after about the 2nd or 3rd day. He ended up fixing it in a round about way. Roger's computer was the only one affected, but I just could not do anything other than fool with it.

Then, of all things, I am starting another log cabin quilt...just a small lap quilt this time. From reds and tans/off-white materials. I have got strips cut to size...and have made my first block to make sure they fit together right. And have started chain piecing the rest. I am thinking 16 blocks right now, but that could change when I get them together.

I have finally decided on how to quilt Roger's quilt, but just have not started it yet...I had done settled on making this current log cabin quilt before I decided how to quilt it so just going to continue with it.

I think we are going to get Lorelei either later today or tomorrow...so there will be another interruption. But such a fun interruption, and there will probably be Lorelei tales to tell later.

I feel like I am forgetting something, but that is basically what has been going on around here.