Saturday, August 28, 2010

From a year ago

Just for the sake of having a photograph, I am showing this one taken one year ago...I guess fall is arriving right on time this year. I notice a tree over on the next street starting to turn...and see splotches of color every now and then. I really am looking forward to the changing colors.

I am running on empty....we spent the day at Sarah's. The trucks are packed, the house is practically empty.....hopefully by this time tomorrow night we will all be asleep at her new house. I didn't do much other than try to keep Lorelei entertained, but had stuff to do when I got home and have just now finally finished.

Jeremy and Sarah have some really great friends....there were three there when we got there this morn and none of them were slackers. They got the house cleaned out in no time. One couple had to leave, but they waited till all the heavy stuff was loaded...which means that almost all of it was done. One guy had come home from Indy with Jeremy last night to drive one of their cars home...he left sometime in the afternoon....and he will be at their new house tomorrow to help unload. One of the guys was there still there when we left....

And they are all kids we like...the instant we meet them. Just hard working, good hearted kids. Oh, and Lorelei likes them all! That should tell you a whole lot right there.

Not sure when I will get to blog again or visit anyone...I have photos scheduled for my other blog...but nothing planned for here. So I will see you in two or three days probably.