Monday, June 20, 2011

Flooding in Tennessee

First, let me say these pictures were not taken by my....they were taken by my BFF/sis-n-law....this is taken looking from their yard..
Gap Creek used to always flood every so often during the summer...but it never even came close to this. If you will click on these, in the second photo, right in the middle you can see that small clump of something which is actually the stop of a small bush I would say. Anyway, see that line running there....that is the railroad. And the railroad there is up above ground level I would say at least 3 or 4 feet...I am thinking maybe more than 5 feet. I don't ever even remember the water reaching over to the railroad, much less going over that.
It is just almost hard to believe even with seeing the just never know. It will probably be a while before all the damage is known. Thankfully, they lived higher up than this got....

It has gone down since these were taken...I am not sure if it is all the way down but the railroad crews are working on the railroad. It washed out underneath and railroad ties are just sitting there. My brother nor a neighbor that has lived around there all his life...he is in his 60's....neither of them have ever seen the water this high.