Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Because it makes me happy...

I saw this one last night, it made me smile.  I meant to post it last night but forgot it.  Well, here I was strolling down memory lane again tonight and there it was again.  I thought it must be a sign.  Maybe it will make some of the rest of you smile when you see it.

I am still working on the dress...I did get the zipper in.  Of all times, I did not test the zipper before putting it in.  I am so is just such a rough, catchy feeling when I open and close the zipper.  and I had bought it new for this project!  I don't know that I have ever 'tested' a zipper before, but normally I open and close them just in fooling with them.  From now on, I bet I never put another one in without checking.

Roger has an appointment tomorrow, just to go over the test he had last Friday.  Since he had never had it done before.  Of course we are supposed to get some snow, but it is not supposed to be very much.  His appointment is not till up in the morn, so the roads should be clear before we have to leave.

I will get visiting done sometime tomorrow...maybe a few before we leave as well as tomorrow evening.