Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring is definitely in the air as this bud on my lilac shows. We had a few little showers this evening and had thunder! I love thunder to have one to go to sleep by. I forgot to mention that we had robins back last week--and I bet they were earlier out in the country than here in town. I always seen them at the orchard a week or so before I seen them here.

I have done little to talk about today: ran by the vets to pick up Heartgard for our dog, ran by Walmart, and by the grocery store. I sewed a little while after I got home on the crumb blocks...I really get in the mood to work on them when I start. Also will make a confession here...

When I quilted those baby quilts I had trouble with the thread breaking. I rethreaded it more than once...and I looked at the book. I almost think there is a little fairy that lives down there..I was changing threads yesterday or the day before and threading it as I had threaded it for the quilting. I do not know how many times I have had the thought that the way I had threaded it did not follow the path of most machines I have used. And I have glanced at the book numerous times. And I mean NUMEROUS times...I looked at the way I threaded it and I thought that just is not right...and looked at the book one more time even though I thought it was useless. This time I clearly saw that it should be threaded the way I thought it should be threaded! They say confessions are good for the soul, but this one is sort of embarrassing.

Anyway, now I am anxious to try quilting something else....I would like to get enough crumb blocks made to assemble into a small quilt and try quilting again. I cannot believe now that it quilted as well as it did with it being threaded only seemed to break when I was going over a place where 4 points met.