Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A little covered bridge....

According to the other shots taken on the day this shot was taken, it is over in Illinois.  But I cannot think where for the life of me.  Even though I am beginning to enjoy some fall color, I like the springness of this shot.
Lorelei went home yesterday.  This was one of those times I didn't even get the camera out so instead I just have to tell about her first morning.  She got here Saturday night....she had been to her other grandma's for part of the day.  She calls her 'Grandma L with the pretty white hair!'  Makes me wish my hair would just turn white and be done with it.

Anyway, so she had had a full day Saturday...had seen her other grandmother--I can't remember what all she done there.  Then they had left there and went to the birthday party of one of her dad's friends.  And had children her own age to play with there.  A very full day.  So she went to bed and was not up to her usual standard of talking and talking.

She slept in till 10:30, comes in here and gets on my lap and tells me good morning, talks a second and gets down to go play.  In just a couple minutes she comes back and says, "Guess what I want for breakfast!"

I guess bacon.

She says , "NO!"

I guess smoky links...again I get a very excited no...

So I say sausauge....

She says, "And what else?'

I say, "And Biscuits and Gravy!"

Oh, does she ever get a gleam in her eye....

since Roger had been up and down all night, I was trying to put her off till he felt like getting up...I let her have a little chocolate milk.  Thinking she would be okay....and she did go on an play for a while.  But sometime later...maybe 45 minutes or an hour, she comes to me and says, "Mamaw, can you fix my food....if you don't I am going to starve to death!"

So I fixed it, and her Papaw was up by then....we sat down to eat....and she would take a bite and say, oh, Mamaw, this sausage is just so good, or oh, Mamaw this gravy is good!