Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fresh from the garden...

I picked the okra today, and this is what I got...while I was at it I picked the bell peppers also.
There was enough okra for a nice mess....I cut it and mixed in the meal and froze it for nice treat this winter. And I had enough from day before yesterday fix a smaller mess...
The bell peppers I cleaned and cut and froze....every year I do that and then we use it in chili, and I made what I call a bell pepper casserole. I prefer fresh bell peppers when I make stir-fry, but if I don't have one, I will even use the frozen in it. To at least get the flavor.
I have shown this before, but have to show it again.

I have to tell you about this morn....

I got up and checked email, and decided to do a load of laundry and hang it out. Puss Puss was the only cat that stayed inside last night...as I passed by the door, I notice Bubbie wanting in. I went to the front door to see if Cougar and Mama Cat were out front, but neither was out there.

I intended to put the laundry in and come right back up and feed the two cats that were in. both cats came down....Bubbie even got up on the washer right in front of me wanting to be petted. I set him down till I could finish. My sewing table sits right behind my washer and he got up there and put his paws up on my back...and I turned around talking to him and he started to nip me! He really wanted my attention...he doesn't do it hard...nothing like to bring the blood or anything. Just his way of saying, "Hey, Look At Me!"

Well, I did pet him, but instead of coming up, I got busy with something else. I was down there quite a while when I heard Roger up. I came up in a few minutes, and he had fed the two cats that were in. But had not looked for the others...by then they were on the front porch and I let them in.

Anyway, Roger proceeded to tell me that Bubbie had got him up. And the video above is so similar to what he done to Roger. Bubbie got up on Roger and pedal pushed...then he would stand there and just stare Roger in the face. Then maybe he would reach under the cover and get Roger with his paw...then back to pedal-pushing with his paws. Then give him the stare. Or maybe get right in his face till his whiskers tickle Roger. No reaction from Roger....so he nips Roger in the side....and Roger really covered up then. And it was back to the pedal-pushing...then the stare till he finally persuaded Roger to get up.

Anyway, this reminded me of the Simon's cat video above...

The way I told this is not half as funny as it is in real life...Roger has me in tears by the time he finishes a tale.