Tuesday, June 14, 2022


 I thought while I am waiting I would pop in to tell you to say a prayer for us...our AC is not cooling.  It stopped last night.  Was cooling fine till some time in the late evening.  After the heating and AC place had closed, of course.  I was in and out doing a few things outside, or attempting to do so and it had been cooling fine all day. 

Then late yesterday evening, I noticed it was not cooling.  so have ran the fan all night long to circulate the air. And Roger has the ceiling fan on in his room. It is supposed to reach 100ยบ F today.  And the humidity is terrible.  I have called the AC place and have been waiting on a call back.  The answering service answered earlier and said someone should contact me in half an hour...or to call again.  I have been calling and getting no answer.

Roger is okay right at this present moment, but am not sure what to do.  Thinking about getting a hotel room, but I think he will fuss about that if I do.  And even that will be hard cause there is not one here close...so will just wait and see for now.