Thursday, January 28, 2016

A few randoms...

1.  Does anyone else love home-canned tomato juice as much as me?  I love to have a jar handy if I get a cold.  It is one of the few things that sound good and tastes good then.

2.  I am enjoying the birds at the feeders this winter.  Do you now feed birds and have you always? I did when I was a would let me feed the extra cornbread, and some corn.  I can't remember what else we fed them.  We did not buy fact, I wonder how long has big bags of bird seed been available?  I just started feeding them again in the past few the big bags of birdseed may have always been available and I just didn't notice.

3.  Yesterday, we found this new place where it was easy to get to the Big Raccoon Creek. It has a big sandbar.  A perfect place to take Lorelei.  Hoping we can make it back there this summer.  It is a good place to wade and/or fish...and she can throw rocks to her heart's content.

4.  This is one of the little cuties we saw yesterday!

5.  I totally love days like this...I only wish they came more often than they do.