Thursday, June 17, 2010

Out the rear window

We had to hurry home yesterday evening...storms with the possibility of golf ball sized hail was predicted for the county we were in.
We actually noticed the sky and started home before we heard the forecast, but once we heard it, we were a bit more serious about getting home.
We noticed this cloud start forming, but we were in too big of a hurry for me to stop and get a good photo of I was trying to snap shots of it as it changed. We never did get any real bad weather, though we did have some storms after we got home.

We have been planning on getting a GPS for a while now....the past two or three times we have been out we have wished we had one for one reason or another. Last night we really needed one...we were in an area we had never been before, and even though I have an Indiana atlas, for the most part it gives county road numbers, but they have since been given names such as Arney Rd, and other names I don't remember how to spell.

Anyway, I ordered a GPS last I need one of those things my brother talks about that gives the GPS coordinates of each picture taken. I started out with the intention of trying to retrace the roads we took on a drive this past winter but did not succeed.